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15 Most Popular Youtube Fitness Channels

Internet is everything, people. You can find yourself a wife (legally), a house, your favorite Salt n Pepa single and thousands of YouTube fitness channels that will show you just how to pump those muscles. It is pure magic. The amount of fitness content is getting bigger every day, and some hierarchy has to be made. Imagine the world where all fitness channels were equal. People would pump their muscles completely wrong. There is a lot of content on the internet, but luckily enough, we are here to set things straight. So if you are searching for a way to look better, these are 15 most popular fitness channel you will love!



1. Meet Tony Do. Tony is a mens physique competitor and an advocate for IIFYM. Actually, his story is quite interesting. He got extremely inspired after watching New Moon! He wanted to get abs Taylor Lautner had and he made it! Now, he motivates other people how to get the same abs he always dreamed about. For his age (he is still in college), he is doing a lot, and if youre still in school too- he is the guy for you. Check his channel Pure Aesthetics.