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A Total Gym FIT Review – How Well Do They Really Work?

The Total Gym FIT was originally developed as an indoor exercise machine and because of this has become very popular. You can use it at home, in the gym or even at work. They are now becoming more popular in the home fitness arena as well. A lot of people are now using this type of equipment at home because of the convenience and low cost involved.

The main differences between the Total Gym Fit and the Total Gym XLS are the price, the features and the feel of the equipment. They both serve the same purpose of exercising your body and losing weight but the Total Gym FIT has several extra features and is a lot more expensive than the cheaper version of the Total Gym XLS. I will compare the two here.

To begin with the Total Gym FIT’s main difference from the cheaper one is that it doesn’t have the built in flywheel. But it does have four extra resistance levels which is what sets it apart. The Total Gym FIT comes with four resistance levels and each one is divided into four segments with four mini workouts in between. It’s pretty cool that the Total Gym FIT has a flywheel but that would be pretty hard to do if there wasn’t a vibration when you exert your body weight on it. There is however no doubt that it works and has become popular amongst those looking to lose weight or tone up. The additional resistance levels add some motivation for people who find the Total Gym workouts boring.

The Total Gym FIT comes with an extensive line of accessories including a leg extension that adds an extra inch when used with the leg gripper. This helps to make the legs look longer. Another great accessory includes the Total Gym XLS leg gripper and thigh weight pad which help with losing weight and toning your thighs. The Total Gym XLS also comes with a bumper pad which gives extra support and a water bottle holder to keep your drinks cool during your workout. Now this is more than most of the average fitness products come with and while the Total Gym XLS might not be the best overall workout in its price range it is still a great buy for its convenience and the added exercise.

The Total Gym Fitness system is one that has been around for quite some time now and has millions of satisfied users all over the world. There are tons of features that the Total Gym FIT offers such as a leg extension that works with the leg gripper and gives the user the feeling of additional inches to their legs. This is a great feature to have especially if you want to add some extra pounds to your frame. The Total Gym FIT review does not give much detail on the exercises offered but from reading many of the reviews and seeing pictures it is clear that this system offers a wide variety of full body workouts. It offers both dumbbell and barbell exercises which is something that other systems do not offer as well as having many variations of exercises for the different body sizes and weights.

You can find many videos to watch on the Total Gym FIT website and most of the videos are focused on different parts of the system such as the Total Gym FIT Workout and DVD Set. While it may not seem like much, the Total Gym FIT Workout is packed full of exercises that will target every major muscle group in your body and even offers workouts for women and men that are geared towards toning and building muscle. The Total Gym DVD set comes with over thirty-five full body workout videos that will get you burning calories, toning and firming up your muscles. For the best results with the Total Gym Fitness system it is recommended that you use the entire system together and workout at least five days a week.

When comparing the Total Gym FIT to the older XLS versions, the new version offers more workouts in less time. Most of the problems with the older versions were because people did not have enough time to work out effectively. The Total Gym FIT now allows you to workout more often, increase the weights and target specific muscles groups. In addition to all these added features the Total Gym FIT costs just fifty dollars to buy instead of the old versions which could be hundreds of dollars. The Total Gym FIT has also received many good reviews and many customers have said that they are very comfortable and easy to use. One great feature that most customers liked was the fact that all the equipment is foldable which made the workout much easier and more convenient.

The Total Gym FIT comes with a pulley and a glide board and the customer reviews seem to agree that the combination of the two makes the Total Gym FIT much more functional. Some people like to work with their home gym and so need a system that allows them to add some pre-programmed sets to their workout. With the Total Gym FIT they can easily do this and also add weights to their workout. However, the Total Gym FIT does not offer a weight stacker or a belt that allows you to add weight when you want it to. This means that the Total Gym FIT cannot be used as a weight stacker or as a belt. The Total Gym FIT review found that most customers liked the way that the Total Gym FIT feels when using it for the first time.