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SAN Platinum Isolate Supreme Review

SAN Platinum Isolate Supreme, Strawberry YogurtWhat is the number you should look for in a protein supplement. There are many different things you could look at, but if you look at the grams of protein per serving you’re probably not far off. The SAN Platinum Isolate Supreme supplement has one of the highest grams of protein per serving on the market. It stands tall at 27 grams per serving, which is one of the highest numbers I’ve seen. Additionally, it contains 7 grams of BCAAs and 1.4 grams of glutamine, which helps with recovery and building muscle. It is very easy to mix and despite not containing any fat, sugar or lactose it tastes great. That’s not the whole story though. There are some things you need to know a bit more about before buying it, and if you continue reading I will guide you through the main points right here.

A curious thing I haven’t seen with many products is that SAN Platinum Isolate Supreme comes in the form of yogurt. Now, I don’t know if you like yogurt or not, but I do. You can obviously get it in many flavors, but the chilled strawberry yogurt is perfect for me. It is a tasty snack I can indulge in before going into the gym. It means I get a sensation of fullness that will last me all the way through training and not leave me right away. It is by far one of the most pleasant ways to consume a protein supplement I’ve tried so far. That alone gives it a couple of points in my book.

However, even though it tastes great that’s not going to make it a winner if it doesn’t work. So, does it? I think, with 27 grams per serving. I’ve found one of the very best products on the market. It definitely helps me build muscle mass faster than many other products I’ve tried, but my favorite part is the recovery time. The recovery time is the time it takes for your muscle fibers to repair themselves after training. When you train you actually break down muscle mass. You destroy muscle fibers. It is the recovery that helps build more muscle than you had before. In that sense recovery is the main thing you should focus on. The truth is most people don’t. They look at how hard they can train with a product and expect the results to come by just working harder and harder. Elite athletes focus as much, if not more, on recovery than they do on actual training. That’s not just because they like lying across the couch binge watching series on Netflix. It’s because they know that’s what works.

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SAN Platinum Isolate Supreme has no fat, sugar, or lactose. That means you don’t get a lot of extra crap your body doesn’t really need. Fat and sugar don’t really help you build muscle, in fact, they only add extra calories for you to burn, so why use something that gives you more of that, right?

I recommend SAN Platinum Isolate Supreme.