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Stamina Air Rower Review

Rowing machines are undoubtedly popular for their ability to give a total body workout that is gentle on your joints. The resistance type these machines use are either hydraulic pistons, magnetic, wind or water; each with its own characteristics.

As its name suggests, the Stamina Air Rower uses wind resistance. This resistance type provides a comfortable yet rather challenging workout. Stamina products have a good reputation for excellent value, quality and superior service.

Product Description

The Stamina Air Rower is designed for smooth rowing strokes. It comes with an electronic performance monitor and has the added convenience of easy storage. With wind-resistance powered machines, the intensity is increased with harder and faster strokes. A 3-year frame and 90-day parts warranty accompany this rower.

Product Features

The Air Rower is a solidly constructed and sturdy machine with the capability of providing a workout as intense or relaxed as you want it. As with other rowers, the Air Rower features a multifunction monitor that tracks your performance. With built-in wheels, it is easily folded and rolled away for storage. Its notable features include:

  • A padded, upholstered seat

  • Oversized seat rail for smooth sliding

  • Multifunction electronic display tracking speed, distance, time and calories burnt

  • Textured handle grips for stable and comfortable rowing

  • Large foot plates with adjustable, tough nylon foot straps

  • Nylon rowing strap

  • Angled seat rail for easy seat return

  • Foldable for storage and on wheels for portability

  • Floor protectors to safeguard work area and prevent skidding

  • Sturdy steel construction

  • 77” x 18” x 22” Open; 48” x 18” x 28” Folded

  • 250 lbs weight capacity

  • Easy assembly

What Customers Are Saying

Users mentioned that although this rower is louder than other manufactured rowers, none of them seemed to be bothered by it. The noise is typical of that you would hear from wind-resistance powered machines. You won’t find any annoying creaking noises while rowing the Stamina Air Rower, which is common on some cheaper machines. Some people weren’t a fan of the angled seat rail as it made that initial push a bit tougher.

A user pointed out that the foot plates were solid enough to row efficiently with or without shoes on. It appears that taller and shorter users have used the rower with no issues. The extra comfortable seat was a common feature that users raved about.

It gives a terrific, total body workout…tones all the muscles, gives good cardio exercises, and offers plenty of resistance. It’s easy to use and offers low impact workouts.”

I use the more expensive rower at the Y sometimes and find that the Stamina is just as good. Highly recommended!”

I’m currently training for a marathon and have found this rower to be an excellent tool for working the back, quads and my arms. Love that it has no cords to mess with. Has a pretty small footprint as well.”


Overall, the Stamina Air Rower is a great addition to your fitness routine. Some may argue that it may not be suitable for heavy duty use, but others have done so with no problems. For those looking for a full body workout machine, the Air Rower will suit just fine. Don’t think that the machine doesn’t offer adjustable resistance because resistance is in reality determined by your rowing intensity.

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