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Steve Cotter – Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting Series 1 – DVD

With more than seven hours of kettlebell training on five DVD’s the Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting is a must have for those serious about working out with kettlebells. Steve Cotter goes into the finer details of how to perform over 180 kettlebell exercises. This DVD also includes 16 complete workouts so you’ll never get stuck for ideas on how to mix up your workouts.

Product Description

The Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting is the largest collection of kettlebell exercises available. Each of the exercises is performed and taught by fitness instructor Steve Cotter who has put together this collection to assist everyone from beginners to elite athletes with their training. The full programs are also tailored to various fitness levels and focus on endurance, speed, strength, flexibility and power.

Product Features

Steve Cotter not only knows all about fitness he knows how to teach too. With clear instruction he will show you all of the moves so you can do the exercises with him. This set of DVD’s is more instructional than other programs. If you want to train like the pros then follow along with Steve and emulate his technique. You’ll know you’re doing the moves right with Steve as your guide.

  • Clear instruction with easy-to-follow moves
  • Over 7 hours of kettlebell training on 5 DVDs
  • Largest collection of kettlebell exercises available
  • Learn proper technique and do the moves right
  • Includes 16 complete programs for beginners to elite athletes
  • Focus on power, strength, endurance, speed or flexibility

What Customers Are Saying

The Encyclopedia of Kettlebell lifting receives rave reviews from customers who love Steve’s clear instruction and teaching style.

“If I had to own only one teachers DVD instruction for kettlebells…this would be the one. It is detailed, clear, specific, and accurate. Steve is an outstanding athlete and what makes this DVD so good is that Steve is also an exceptional teacher.”

“I watched many KettleBell instruction videos online, and I found Steve Cotter the clearest. He goes over all the important details without a trace of condescending or arrogance. He is very thorough. He goes over every possible variation and every possible safety issue.”

“Cotter provides every detail of every segment of every lift from every angle. When first viewing DVD #1, this seemed tedious. When I actually tried to do the lifts, I went back and viewed the DVD again, and I greatly appreciated his detailed explanations.”


The Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting is more of an instructional DVD then a motivational workout. Using these exercises you’ll be able to put together your own customized workout routine to get the results you are looking for. This is one of the most thorough DVD sets on Kettlebell training and well worth the investment.

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