Universal Five-Position Weight Bench Review

The Universal Five-Position Weight Bench is a multipurpose exercise bench that is a great addition to any home gyms. The five point adjustable back rest allows you to perform more exercises without having to move around. You can say that home fitness got even better with this bench. This single piece of equipment can replace a few things that you may have. This will save you space and will let you do more things.

Key features of the Universal Five-Position Weight Bench

  • Dimensions: 17” wide, 25” high and 51” long.
  • 430 pounds maximum limit.
  • Adjustable to 5 positions.
  • Foam padded rollers and bench surface.
  • Stable base on any flooring type.

Universal Five-Position Weight Bench Overview

The Universal Five-Position Weight Bench offers a modifiable back rest that can go to -100, 00, 150, 300 and 450. This multiple position feature simply allows you to do more kinds of workouts. It is solidly built because it can hold a maximum weight of 430 lbs. Despite being well-built it is surprisingly a light weight bench of only 20 pounds making it very easy to move around if you need to set it aside and spread a mat to do yoga.

It is also very comfortable to get on to. The Universal Five-Position Weight Bench has a padded surface and rollers. The foam is just right so it’s not that mushy nor is it too hard. It provides the right comfort for you to remain focused on your exercise. It has a very stable foundation on any surface making you feel really steady when lifting some weights.

The Universal Five-Position Weight Bench is also spacious enough at 51” length. For people a little over 6 feet, this will still be sufficient enough. The 17” width is just good enough to support your back and won’t get in the way of you triceps and elbows. For home equipment, this will work wonders because of its usability.



The Universal Five-Position Weight Bench has 5 point adjustment which allows the user more freedom in movement and increased natural weight resistance. The stable foundation keeps the bench perfectly still when you are lifting weights.


The instructions inserted are not detailed, although for some it’s fairly easy to assemble. The problem is that some users don’t know how to go to the fifth setting because it has a different approach to get that. Eventually, after a few experiments, they get it right.

Customer Reviews

Majority of the comments are on the positive side. Nothing but praise and accolades about how well built the bench is and how well it performs. Home fitness enthusiasts have been so thankful for the Universal Five-Position Weight Bench. There were a few who encountered issues with the instructions in setting this equipment.


To sum it all up, the Universal Five-Position Weight Bench is no doubt a great home fitness equipment. Its usefulness will exceed expectations. Considering its cost, you just know it’s a fabulous offer. This well constructed bench will keep you busy for a long time.